Get up close and personal with James Hunt’s #1 1977 McLaren M26 surrounded by the latest models of the 570S! Replacing the 1976 season McLaren M23, this M26 came to house a Ford Cosworth DFV 90 degree engine capable of producing 525hp at 10,600 RPM. An aluminum monocoque chassis with a double wishbone suspension and rack and pinion steering make for one excellent racing dream with no better place to set foot in other than the infamous private pavement of the Thermal Club in Thermal, CA.

Among the older F1 cars that I’ve had the privelage of being around, this M26 makes for one badass piece of history! Condition wise, the car isn’t as clean as the trophy finish Niki Lauda Ferrari 312T and Jochen Mass McLaren M23 but the age adds to the character! There’s just something about an old F1 that still appears as if it was driven hard and is still running today! The steering wheel shows definite usage, however remains age appropriate. Certainly, who could go wrong with the old Marlboro liverys run on the McLarens?


While you’re watching you may as well get a quick look at the multiple McLaren 570S models as well, which are still very sexy cars I might add.

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